Compulsory subjects :-

Engineering Management, Civil Engineering, Material and construction practices, Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, Water Resources systems, Principles of
Geo-informatics, Analysis and Design of Structures.

Optional :- (Any three from any one group)

  • Structural Engineering

Advanced Structural Analysis, Design of RCC and pre-stressed concrete structures, Design of steel structures, Structural Dynamics, Seismic Design of Structures.

Environmental Engineering

                                      Principal of Environmental Engineering, Environmental  Engineering – Processes and Management, Air Pollution and its Control, Design of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, Waste Management and Environmental Impact Assessment. 

  • Infrastructure of urban Development

Transportation Engineering, Traffic & Transportation Systems,Town  Planning and Urban Development,Design of water and Wastewater Treatment System, Construction management System.

Project work and Laboratory Experiments



  • Compulsory Subjects:-Engineering Management, Data structure, Programming Language, Pulse and Digital Circuits, Computer Architecture, System Analysis & Design.

Optional :- (Any three from any one group)


  • Computer Applications

 Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Compute Networks, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Database Management Systems.

  • Hardware Engineering

                                   Parallel Processing, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers.

  • Informatics Technology

                                  Pattern Recognition and Image Processing, Theory of Computation, Operating System, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering.

  • Project work and Laboratory Experiments


Compulsory Subjects:-

Engineering Management, Power Systems, Circuit and Field theory, Electrical Machines, Measurements and Control, Design of Electrical Systems.

Optional :- (Any three from any one Group)

  • Power systems

 Energy systems, power Electronics, High Voltage Engineering and Power Apparatus, power System Performance, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers.

  •  Electrical Machine and Drives

                        Advanced Aspects of Electrical Machines,power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Electrical power Utilization, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers.  

  • Control and Instrumentation

 Control Theory, Power Electronics, Process Control Systems, Instrumentation Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers.

  • Project work and library Experiments 


Compulsory Subjects:-

Engineering Management, Communication Engineering, Circuit Theory and Control, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Electronic Circuits, Design of Electronic Device and Circuits.

Optional :- (Any three from any one Group)

  •  Telecommunication Engineering Broadcast and Television Engineering, Radar and Antenna Engineering, Microwave Engineering, Optical and Satellite Communication, Computer Networks and Communication.
  • Integrated Circuits and Systems EngineeringDigital Hardware Design, Pulse and Digital Circuits, IC Design, Techniques, Solid State Physics and Semi Conductor Devices, Software Engineering


  •  Control & Instrumentation 

Sensors and Transducers, industrial Instrumental, and Computer Control, Biomedical Electronics, Signal Processing, Control Systems.


  • Project work and library Experiments

Compulsory Subjects :-

Engineering Management , Mechanics of Solids,  Mechanics of Fluids, Thermal  Science and Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, Design of Machine Elements.

Optional :- (Any three from any one Group)

  • Thermal Engineering

            Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Power Plant Engineering,
Non- Conventional Energy Systems, Internal Combustion Engines, Turbo machinery.

  •  Engineering Design

Design of Mechanical Systems, Optimization Theory and Applications, Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms and Machines, Design of machine Tools, Computer Aided Engineering Design

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Project work and Laboratory Experiments